Friday, November 12, 2010

No way out

-Jews are being instructed to check themselves of committing all kinds of sins they accuse the gentiles of.
-We should not have a holier-than-thou attitude, especially as God's judgment would start from the believers, then to unbelievers.
-We have to take note that there is none righteous. How will God judge us?
-Salvation is by grace, but here, it says that those who do good will receive eternal life. there seems to be inconsistency. we may look at consequences of these actions as what may be seen as good or bad. How we live our lives will be the basis of God's judgment.
-Paul reminds us that there is a universal law and His righteousness revealed will speak to all mankins, even without words.
-God's judgment will not be based on favoritism but in His righteousness. How will man be judged?
-Is it fair for those who haven't heard the gospel to go to hell? We have to realize that man goes to hell because we have sinned, whether or not we have heard the gospel.
-God has placed a mechanism in man to recognize what is good from what is bad, which is one's conscience. oftentimes, sadly, our own conscience is perverted, not realizing how we have deceived ourselves.
-God is a righteous judge, calling sin as sin. as christians, we will have to give account of how we lived our lives.
-When we commit mistakes today and we feel as though nothing is wrong, we must look back to how we first came to know God. and other christians fall into sin, s/he must undergo the process of discipline. Galatians 6 teaches us how to restore a brother, without judging the fallen brother, but God's judgment and kindness leads him to repentance. While there may be pain and shame, the intention is to reconcile the person to God and to the body. There is also an intent to have closure and restoration of relationship. Onesimus was brought to personal and spiritual restoration.

*based on Romans 2:1-16
by Allen Lim

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