Thursday, November 11, 2010

Clarifying one more time

Three evidences that Justification is by faith

1. Since the beginning, it has always been God who declares a person righteous and worthy of salvation (v1-8)
-sin is in our nature and we cannot do any rituals or actions to erase it.
-the only way for our records of sins to be removed is a declaration from God. Since sin is missing the mark of God's standard of righteousness, falling short of God's glory, thus we are unable to manifest God's righteousness

2. From the beginning, man has been trying through human effort to obtain righteousness, but no one has ever been declared righteous because of human intervention or action. Upto no, man is still in a bondage to sin. Today, people substitute this by good works, etc. but none of these are worthy of God's righteousness.

3. Since the brginnning, man has always been decllared righteous by receiving God's grace through faith.
-"Pistis" or faith is a conviction in the truthfulness and faithfulness of God

*based on Romans 4
by Rev. Dr. David Go

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