Sunday, November 14, 2010

Guilty as charged

Will our spirits be fueled by God alone? Yes!

Jews believe they are preferred race. Thus Paul asked:
1. What advantage is it to be a Jew? (v1)
-All things--possession of God's Word
2. Will Jewish unbelief cancel God's faithfulness (v3-4)?
-No! It is His character. Whether or not we believe, He will still be faithful.
3. If our sin commends His righteousness, how can He judge us (v5-8)?
-We do not contribute to His righteousness. we are simply shown out to have no righteousness and are far from Him.

We are guilty as charged because of 2 fundamental truths:
1. Sin rules (v9-18)
-Jews believed they are preferred. God is in control of human exoduses. He does not deem one more important than the other.
-None is righteous. None in the mind, in the heart (v11)--as opposed to Jeremiah that says we can din Him if we seek Him with our hearts, in the will (v12), in the words, in the actions.

2. The law affirms it.
-It was given to silence every mouth. One can claim the law only if we follow it.
-the law will hold them accountable to God.
-the law is not a way for a person to be declared righteous in His sight, but instead a means of condemnation.

We deceive ourselves when
-we hear but don't do God's word
-we say we have no sin
-we think we are something we are not
-we think we are wise in this age
-we think we are religious but do not bridle our tongue
-we think we will not reap what we sow
-we think the unrighteous will inherit the kingdom of God
-we think we can continually associate with bad company and not be corrupted

*based on Romans 3:9-20
by Rev. Rock Manuel

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