Sunday, November 14, 2010

That's not fair

Receivers of good things tend to not complain that life is not fair.

We accuse God of being unfair when we
-do not forget what we ask for
-feel that we have been faithful yet don't feel blessed
-when lawless people get away with sin

In Malachi's time, Jews
-called God unfair due to false assumption regarding His justice (v17)
-questioned God's presence amidst the injustice (v17)

What will happen in the day of the Lord?
1. Intense refininf (3:2)
-purging of sins, when we are being made clean. We who belong to Jesus Christ will go through times of testing, lest we become complacent

2. Condemnation (3:5)
-God will testify against evil doers and we must wait upon the Lord.

'The God of justice has come!' is a prophecy that has been fulfilled (3:1)
-in the being of the messenger as John the baptist who prepared the way
-as Jesus Christ, the Lord people are seeking, the messenger of the covenant.

*based on Malachi 2:17-3:4
by Rev. Alex Uy

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