Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Equipping the Church

We need to grow because it is:
1. expected of every believer (Eph4:1)
2. a necessary part of worship
3. a result of our relationship with God (Phil 2:13)
4. necessary to fulfill the Great Commission (Eph4:11-12)

I. Living Sacrifices (v.1-2)
-all of one's life, not just a place and time
-not conforming to the world's standard--cleaning, changing, and consecrating our mind
-pursue what pleases the Lord

II. Instruments of Righteousness (v.3-8)
-Consecration--dedication for and to the Lord
-Connection--growth is personal and communal
-Commitment--being a consumer as opposed to being a contributor

III. Embodiment of Christ's love (v.9-11)
-Love is a manifestation of Christ's presence
-Love is necessary for proper function for the Body
-Love allows you to do your part

*based on Romans 12:1-11
by Ptr. Jebo Banzuelo

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