Monday, August 30, 2010

From mourning into dancing

Godly mourning brings godly happiness.
-we mourn for personal loss
-we mourn for sin, sorrow, and suffering in the world
-we mourn for our own sin--this is the MOURNING that the beatitudes refers to.

A person knows that he is spiritually poor when he mourns his spiritual condition.

To be comforted, we must recognize what sin does to our lives (Lk.7:46)--leading to unworthiness to anoint Jesus' head.

- is lawlessness--breaking the law (1John 3:4)
- sometimes leads to physical weakness (Ps32:3-4)
- wreaks havoc in our relationships with each other (Jas4:1)
- places a wedge between sinful man and holy God (Ps66:18)
- must be responded to by repentance--a commitment to change our ways (Lk7:37)
- has been forgiven--and we are free to receive this forgiveness (Lk7:48)

*based on Matthew 5:4; Luke 7:36-50
by Ptr. Joy Gotico

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