Thursday, August 26, 2010

The God you are looking for is a refuge

Right out of God's heart is justice. However, He also shows a concern for the accidental murderers--those who may have killed without the intention. He instituted cities of refuge in Joshua 20. Like a mother hen, God gives comfort, reassurance and peace when there are trials and danger.

Who are in need for refuge?
- Instantly, those who are fearful, weary, lonely, disappointed, hurt, beaten down, been attacked, etc.
-However, while it may be good to be doing fine right now, there might be some future time when you would need a refure.

God teaches us how we can experience this refuge:
-Man needs to call upon the Lord. Cry out to God. move from self-sufficiency to dependence.
-Pour out your heart before Him. God suggests we take our schedule around time with Him than the other way around.

*based on Psalm 91
by Rev. Burton Williams

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