Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The God you're looking for does things right

God defines righteousness in His being, and nothing will ever measure up to Him. (Ps. 119:137)

We were created by God to live life right, and only this is the way that is fun!

When God's laws are lived out and applied, righteousness exalts a nation. But when it is ignored, then sin is a reproach--life will be miserable.

God is grieved when we:
-excuse our unrighteousness
-suppress our feeling
-cover up with busyness or pills

We must:
-look up our idea of what is right--as absolute and unchanging
-break chains of unrighteousness that are holding us down (romans 6:17-18)
-enroll in the school of righteousness (1Tim6:11, 4:7)

*based on Psalm 11
by Rev. Burton Williams

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