Sunday, July 11, 2010

Under new management

For a restaurant we love, if the management changes bu the food does not, we are open to accept it. For the country, the change in leadership is useful only if the new president effects positive change. For our lives, when we are under new management, there are changes that come along with it. With our lives, we may hear the part of the gospel talking about the benefit of heaven, but we must also reckon the change that must be evidenced in out lives as we have a change in management.

When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour:
1. We have a new master to whom we owe our allegiance.
-before Jesus, we were under the rule of satan, being his slaves, inclined to sin, leading to ever-increasing wickedness.
-loyalty to satan is seen in our succumbing to the sinful nature.
-when we come to faith in Jesus, we must no longer be slaves to sin, but have Him as master, and be a slave to righteousness.
-we must show our loyalty to Jesus by bringing Him glory, looking into all areas of our lives
> in our minds (rom12:2, phil4:8)
>in our bodies (1cor7)
>decision making process (prov3:5-6)
>use of time
since Jesus is now our master, we must submit all these areas to Him

2. We have new goals in life
-before Jesus, on one hand, our lives could be controlled by our own willful desires, with goals set by our own selves. on another hand, our lives could just be lived daily with no purpose or goal, living aimlessly.
-we now not only have new live, but along with it new goals and purpose. we have new objectives and instructions:
>to please Him
>to honot Him
>to pursue righteousness
>to bear fruit

3. We have a new object of affection
-before Jesus, we were married to our sins, but in Christ, we are now dead to sin
-it is hard to remember that we now have a new relationship with God and often go back to our old habits.
-we must constantly remind ourselves of our new love.

*based on Romans 6:15-7:6
by Rev. Alex Uy

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