Monday, July 12, 2010

Are you a good steward?

Steward: anyone given responsibility to take care of something else

I. The Lord entrusts us with treasures to manage, as the Lord determined according to our ability.
-treasures may be in the form of money, but may be some other physical items
-treasures also includes time, skills, abilities, children, and even our bodies
>invest wisely in such things
>we may not "embezzle" or "misuse" our treasures, but doing nothing with them is just as bad.

II. The Lord will call us to give an account
-some will be accountable
-the third slave did not grow the treasures he was entrusted with and even accused the master. He did not own up to his actions.
-regarding the second slave, there was no favor for higher quantity, just a report of eventual result.

III. The Lord gives corresponding rewards to the faithful.
-the reward of more responsibility come with having more privileges
-they may not be material, and may not even be in our lifetime, but there is an certainty in that we will receive gifts.
-another reward is the invitation to be with the Lord.

*based on Matthew 25:14-30
by Rev. Alex Uy

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