Thursday, July 8, 2010

Open your eyes

To grow in the faith, you must:

1. pay close attention to God's Word (not to treat it mechanically)
- we do christian duties
sometimes like the pharisees, without understanding but only out of habit and practice
sometimes like the disciples, who experience Jesus but do not understand clearly

2. open our heart to the Holy Spirit (not rely on ourselves for understanding and obedience)
-the Holy Spirit is there to show us where to go, but we
often, like the pharisees, follow custom or depend on intelligence
often, like the disciples, trust in our association to Jesus

3. always check our spiritual health (and not assume that you are always well)
-we may seem okay outwardly, but
like the pharisees who are blind, we may have eyes but actually could not see
like the disciples, we may have eyes that do not see clearly

4. remember what God has done for you (and not forget His love and grace)
-regarding strong and clear experiences with Jesus Christ, we may be
like the pharisees who have seen Jesus' earlier miracles but refused to recognize Jesus as the Messiah
like the disciples who have been with Jesus through the miracles but forget them when it counts

*based on Mark 8:11-30
by Rev. Dr. David Go

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