Thursday, July 8, 2010

To believe is to see

We are brought up with the philosophy "To see is to believe". on the issue of faith, who did better: the PHARISEES or the DISCIPLES?

The pharisees did not believe Jesus, but instead they attribute His miraculous acts to beelzebub, saying that Jesus is a false prophet.
-Deut.18:22 motivated the pharisees but Jesus refused to lay their accusations to rest because He wants people to ultimately believe in Him.
-We sometimes set out conditions on God, but He doesn't work under our timetable. He wants us FAITH FIRST, based on His character and His Word.

Jesus taught the disciples to not let the yeast of doubt, like Pharisees and Herod, to overpower who they were.
-Jesus got exasperated be the disciples who were dense and slow to learn.
-The disciples saw the miracles happen before them, participating even, yet they were unable to interpret the facts to say that Jesus can take care of them.
-We sometimes lack faith even if we have seen Him move in out lives.

Faith is an intelligent decision. God wants faith first, on Jesus, then things will follow.

*based on Mark 8:11-21
by Rev. Alex Uy

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