Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How Dare You!

As Christians saved by grace, we cannot and should not continue to live in sin because...

1. We had a change of status when God gave us new life
-from being children of darkness to children of light
-along with this change in status is a change in behaviour (v.1-4)
-as we accepted Jesus Christ, we are along with Christ in His death and ressurection
-like a newly sworn in president, our baptism gives us a change in status with a higher standard of living and expectations.
-we may look the same outwardly, but we are now a new creation from the inside.

2. We had a change in our spiritual capacity when God gave us new life.
-we now have a newly wired power to combat sin.
-not that we will have no more desire for sin, nor are we free from temptation. instead, we will have the power over sin and power to resist sin (v.5-7)
-this power is inherent to the new life.
-to utilize the power, we must always be reminded to be connected to the source, who is God Himself.

3. We have a change of sight when God gave us new life.
-we have a different perspective and direction as we turn over our lives to Jesus, being His slaves (v.8-11)
-the command to count ourselves dead to sin is in its present perfect tense, and it is imperative and compelling.
-along with the constant compulsion, we must take action
>nip sin in the bud--as early on as possible (v.12)
>do not offer any part of our body to sin (v.13)
>offer each part of our body to God (v.13-14)

*based on Romans 6:1-14
by Rev. Dr. David Go

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