Friday, July 2, 2010

Give me this mountain

We each have a mountain we seek to possess, whether it is business, finances, academics, etc., but God GIVES mountains to a Caleb kind of man:

--those who wholly follow the Lord, his God (v8,9,14). You must keep His commands in all of
daily life's directions. You can claim Deut.28:1-2 (being set high above the nations of the
Earth, with blessings coming upon and accompanying you), and must be careful of
Deut.28:15 (having all curses come upon and overtake you).

--those who stand alone (v8). Caleb stood ground on issues of faith, character, for the right.
Though he was alone, he willingly claimed "no more compromise."

--those who are faithful (v8,10). Caleb stood up, unrecognized, stood behind the scenes--
faithful. He also served his family (ch15).

--those who wait on God (v10). Caleb could've gone angry or rebellious, but he waited 45 years
for God's appointed time (Isaiah 64:4).

*based on Joshua 14:6-14
be Rev. Burton Williams

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