Monday, June 28, 2010

There must be a reason

The command to not love the world sometimes appears illogical. Afterall, God is the one that put us here. He does not want us to be attracted to the world, but God Himself loves the world. There must be a reason to this command. As Christians, we must realize that:

1. This is not our world. The ways of the world are ways that we must find offensive. And the way we ought to live should be offensive to the standards of this world.

2. The world is wicked and is controlled by satan. The system or ways of the world are always in opposition to God.

3. Loving God and loving the world cannot exist.

4. The world will cause you to be sinful, proud, and selfish--three things that fuel the system od the world. In particular, we must resist the:
- lust of the flesh (inappropriate sex, food, revenge)
- lust of the eyes (improper desire to own things)
- the pride of life (being overrun by achievement, power)

5. The world is temporary. We so not intend to stay here for long since our citizenship is in heaven. As we are here, we are to accomplish one particular purpose: to GLORIFY GOD.

6. Loving the world affirms that we are still of the world.

The challenge is to evaluate where our love lies.

*based on 1 John2:15-17
by Rev. Dr. David Go

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