Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Faithful to the End

Following Jesus doesn't guarantee a WORRY-FREE life.
- What we proclaim is not prosperity gospel
- The disciples were obedient, bu they were tired.
- Jesus' promise was His presence with us to the end.

Following Jesus guarantees the HARASSMENT from the ENEMY.
- Satan wouldn't just sit around
- Jesus' prayer in John 17 was for the disciples to be protected from the evil one.

Following Jesus guarantees the PROTECTION, POWER, and PRESENCE of GOD.
- In the squall, disciples aired out emotional reactions to tough situation, but God guarantees protection.
- Jesus' orders to the wind and waters solved the disciples' problem.
- The safest place to be in is the center of God's will.

As we follow Jesus, there may be obstacles, but:
- do not be discouraged (which is what Satan wants us to feel)
- submit yourself to God and continue to do His will
- thank God for what has happened (because Satan's attack simply implies that you are doing what is right and important)

*based on Mark 4:35-41
by Rev. Dr. David Go

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