Monday, June 28, 2010

Survive and Thrive

Methods to increase numbers in Church:

1. natural addition: by having babies

2. conquest and persecution: forcing upon others, sometimes with threats.

3. mass evangelism: altar call with a popular speaker. this strategy would not stand on its own.

4. seeker sensitive church: responds to needs and provides creative ways to attract new-comers. sometimes prone to the lack of depth in teaching.

5. DISCIPLESHIP: process where a more mature believer helps a younger eliever grow in his relationship with God.

Process of Discipleship:

1. Evangelism (things you HEARD me say). This will allow you to gain disciples or followers.

2. Bible-based teaching (THINGS you heard ME SAY). Correct teaching from someone more mature.

3. Accountability (RELIABLE MEN). These teachers are required to be reliable, answerable, and blameworthy.

4. Transference (QUALIFIED TO TEACH OTHERS ALSO). This allows the process to continue on.

based on 2 Timothy 2:2

by Rev. Alex Uy

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