Monday, June 28, 2010

why canned goods?

I've been going to church for years, and I try to take good notes of the messages I hear. I've collected quite a few and I thought of sharing them in this blog. I want to make the qualifier at this point that these messages are not my own. I simply take notes of what the preachers share. I will write out the name of the speaker when available.

Why canned goods?
- because these messages are ready for use, just waiting for you to take hold of.
- because you can use it as it is, change it, mix it up, or just use it as inspiration.
- because, corny as it sounds, I just can the good news i heard.

I plan to load as much as I can, to stay as current as possible. Thankfully, canned goods take a while before they become stale.

Feel free to benefit from these canned goods. :)

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