Wednesday, January 5, 2011

No excuses

What makes us fall under God's wrath? Why can't we be excused from it?

1. Because knowledge of God is readily available. Each of us is given as equal opportunity to know God...
-through creation--which showcases God's eternal, powerful qualities (v. 19, ps. 19:1-3, job 12:7-9)
-through man's conscience--who knows within itself that there is a moral keeper, who is God.

2. Because we have failed to honor God or giving the honor due Him, thus substituting things in the image of man and animals for the real God.

3. Because we deliberately sin against God.
-This is a product of man's disobedience and not honoring Him.
-God will let us go through with our sins when we desire to commit them, not that God intends that we sin, but that He allows us to have our own choice.

While we may be spared from the wrath of God as believers, many are still lost in their sins, so we must take responsibility in sharing His Word.

We must see the gravity of sin, as God's redeemed people, and should no longer allow it to dominate us. Instead, let us forsake our sins and choose to please God.

*based on Romans 1:18-32
by Rev. Alex Uy

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  1. Amen, sin will not have dominion over us, we are under grace and not under law.