Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hand it Over

There are many reasons why we must commit our lives to Jesus. We should hand our life completely to Him because:
1. He loves you and always has your best in mind
-He set Himself apart from other shepherds at that time since He was willing to sacrifice everything for His sheep.
-From the Old Testament, God has been described as a Good Shepherd by David, Ezekiel, Isaiah.

2. He never intends to dominate, deceive, or destroy you.
-He takes care of His sheep, entering through the gate with the plan to care and fend for the sheep.

3. He will not desert you in times of crisis and dangers.
-Though with legitimate access to the sheep, the hired hands only work for the money.
-However, Jesus' attitude differs from the others because He willingly will be with us through and through.

4. He seeks to lead you to favorable places and opportunities.
-He knows our needs and leads us to the right direction, exactly the place that they need.

5. He will guard you with His life, at all cost.
-He provides what we need at the end of the da.
-When the day is over and sheep are placed in the pen, He is willing to die for our sake.

*based on John 10:1-20
by Rev. Dr. David Go

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