Sunday, January 16, 2011

Death: Defied, Defeated and Destroyed by Christ

Jesus was not merely revived, but He was ressurected. Jesus went through death and has gone out the other side alive, victorious, and in a new existence.

I. Jesus defied death
-He did not run from death or cheat death
-He went through death, faced it, and came out of it

II. Jesus defeated death
-Defeat is to render the enemy powerless in himself
-Jesus freed us from being enslaved by the fear of death
-Those who die in Christ will be raised up again in our future hope because of what He did on the cross--therefore we do not need to fear the second death
-Because of what Jesus has done, He has shown the power of ressurection over death

III. Jesus destroyed death
-During the great white throne judgment, death itself will be thrown to the lake

*based on Heb.2:14,15
by Dr. David Dean

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