Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All you need is love

4 kinds of love:
1. Eros--physical attaction
2. Phileo--love among friends or boy-girl relations, conditional and limited
3. Storge--exclusively for filial relations
4. Agape--concern for others, unselfish, committed, willing; not emotional but deliberate

5 Reasons why we should love
1. God's very nature is love
-It serves as the motivation and action for us (vv8, 16b).
-We need to behave like him, where the sone is a mirror of the Father.

2. God paid a high price to show His love (vv.9,10)
-We don't deserve to be saved, but He gave it anyway.

3. We grow in maturity when we love (vv.17,18)
-We become perfect, growing spiritually.

4. Loving others is proof of His dwelling in us (vv.12, 13, 16)
-It is the Spirit within us that empowers us to love

5. Loving others is proof that we love God (vv.19-21)
-We must show our love for Him by showing His love for others through us.

*based on 1John4:7-21
by Rev. Alex Uy

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