Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Walk in perseverance

To avoid BURNOUT, and to serve with perseverance and last long in the ministry, we need:

1. preparedness and willingness (v2-4)
-prepare your minds for the long haul. The future might not bring brighter days.

2. Patience and diligence (v5-8)
-keep your cool, push on, discharge your duties

3. Partners and friends (v9-12, 19-21)
-your support system who will cover you in prayer and serve as listening ears.

4. Parchments and book (v13)
-the Bible and all of its wisdom and knowledge.

5. Physical rest and provision (v13)
-for your "cloak"; and for recuperation.

6. Pardon and forgiveness (v14-16)
-not to hold grudges for those that wear you out.

7. Patience and power of God (v17-18, 22)
-not to rely on past experiences, abilities, and skills; rather a full dependence on God.

*based on 2Timothy 4
by Rev. Dr. David Go

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