Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Christ prevails over sin and death

1. Sin and death is Adam's race's biggest problem, giving people evil, untold pain and suffering. It is not just society, but an internal struggle of every individual.

Sin is contagious and powerfully propagates itself. Sin brings guilt. "Guilt is the cornerstone of all neurosis." The world offers wrong analysis of sin and thereby wrong solutions for it. Sin's inevitable consequence is death.

2. God's law gives us the right understanding of sin.

Sin is the deadly disease that w can properly diagnose through God's law. The result is death for sin, but Jesus is the vaccine or cure that can bring healing in the form of eternal life.

3. God's gift, Jesus Christ, overcomes man's problem of sin and death.

Romans10:14 confirms that Jesus completes the law for righteousness to everyone that believes.

4. God's grace overwhelms the domain of sin and death.

Jesus brings grace and eternal life, not death. Jesus brings healing, not condemnation.

*based on Romans 5:12-21
by Elder Andrew Chua

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