Thursday, July 1, 2010

Red marks on the Report Card of Faith

The disciples failed in 3 tests:

1. Lack of compassion
- they were tired and were planning to rest, but the crowds pressed on them and gave them more work to do.
COMPASSION has no time schedule or price tag. It is done even when it is inconvenient or even if it brings hurt.

2. Lack of faith
-their focus was on the enormity of their problem and inability to solve it.
FAITH would've made them ask how Jesus intends to accomplish such feeding task as their first resort.

3. Lack of perception
-they were amazed in the water-walking because their hearts were hardened, not understanding the actual power behind the feeding of the multitude.
CLEAR PERCEPTION would reveal to them that Jesus had already accomplished harder miracles in the past.

*based on Mark 6:30-56
by Rev. Alex Uy

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