Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Who is standing in your way?

Obstacles in believing and following Jesus

1. Satan and his minions
- seen in Legion
- we must be aware that Satan is actively at work
- we must learn to resist his power as we rely on God's power and preparation (Eph 6)

2. Other people
- seen in the townspeople/swine herders
- people have their own interests (economy) and protection (safety) that stand in the way of God's will (like being called for ministry).
- a Christian's poor testimony also cause non-Christians to turn away from Christ.

3. Ourselves
- seen in the demon-possessed man
- his cutting himself could be a possiblity of his submission to his fate. modern people drink, binge, mutilate, etc.
- Christians beat themselves for committing sins they personally see as "unforgiveable"
- some Christians try to serve themselves to death, getting in the way of following Christ

*based on Mark 5:1-20
by Rev. Alex Uy

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