Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pursuing a personal Jesus

Jesus is a personal God. This Jesus is worth pursuing.

Three main characters of the event:
1. John, the Beloved
PAST: Last we see him was from the foot of the cross
PRESENT: He ran faster, bent down and looked. He has heard Jesus personally and has gone with Him. As he saw the empty tomb, he believed.
FUTURE: John sees the future glory of Jesus in a vision

2. Peter, zealous and passionate, impulsive and direct
PAST: Before this scene, he denied Jesus thrice, then wept bitterly
PRESENT: When he got to the tomb, he went inside to see the situation for himself, and he believed.
FUTURE: Peter speaks to thousands and many believed.

3. Mary Magdalene
PAST: Prior to this, Mary was with the dead body.
PRESENT: Jesus spoke to her as she was cring, and comforted her.
FUTURE: She was the first to see the ressurected Jesus.

It is clear that blood was necessary so there will be forgiveness of sin. However, why did Jesus have to die?
-Jesus had to rise from the dead to prove His deity (Rom1:4). This sets him apart from all other prophets.
-Jesus rose from the dead to show that He had power over death (Rom6:9)
-His ressurection demonstrated that our sins have been personally forgiven (1Cor3:13)

*based on John 20:1-18
by Ptr. Andrew Jorgensen

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