Monday, October 25, 2010

Before the rooster crows

Jesus declared that the disciples will fall away. Peter actively denied the Saviour whom he lived with, heard, and learned from.

We must be careful that we may fall and fail in our faith if...

1. We compete or compare with others in our faith.
-We must not use others as our gauge in our maturity.
-In Luke 22:24, the road to Gethsemane was filled with argument as to who was most faithful and who was the greatest amongst the disciples.
-Our target is setting Jesus Christ as our personal gauge, and it is useless to compare with each other.

2. We rely on ourselves.
-Luke 22:31-34 says that Peter, hearing that the enemy asked for his failure and that Jesus even prayed for him, declared that hs is ready to go anywhere Jesus does--even death.
-1 Corintians 10:12 reminds us to be careful that we not fall.

3. Our faith is about us
-Considering the pronouns that Peter used, he is considerably self-centered (v. 32 declared that Jesus will be raised from the dead, but Peter focused on his own actions, not hearing that Jesus assured them of Him being raised up).
-John 13:36-38 mentioned that Peter ranted why he cannot follow Jesus, like a spoiled child.
-faith is not doing what we just want to do but what Jesus wants us to do.


*based on Matthew 26:30-35
by Rev. Anthony Hao

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