Thursday, September 30, 2010

Connecting with God in Crisis

In times of crisis, seek Him and His characters. Job, upon hearing all the sad things that have suddenly happened to him fell on his face and worshipped God.

1. Tell God how you feel (Job 7:11)
-whether confusion or complaint
-talk it out when you question God's judgment than let it be a barrier or wall between you and God.

2. Bless the Name of God (Job 10:12)
-he blessed God despite the troubles
-since He is faithful, He knows all the details of what you are experiencing.

3. Ask God for strength and hope (Job 12:13)
-acknowledge your need for hope (Ps. 3, Ps. 37:9)
-God provides the comfort a person needs and is waiting to comfort the weak and weary.

4. Claim the promises of hope (2 Cor.4:16-18)
-hope is not simply wishful thought but a surety in God.

*based on Job 1
by Rev. Burton Williams

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