Monday, August 16, 2010

The Marks of a Genuine Christian

1. Willingness to sacrifice
-Jesus talked to His disciples about the pains of His future. He will prove to them that He is God.
-JH Jowett said "Ministry that costs nothing accomplishes nothing."
-We will have to sacrifice time, resources, our selves, etc.
-Like a punching bag, we will have to expect pain as part of our being

2. Humility
-The servants wait for the master to exalt the servants, not exalting the self
-Jesus showed Himself to serve the disciples (Mk10:36)
-Like a sim card inside the cellphone, we must be present in ministry but need not shout for attention.

3. Willingness to serve
-Jesus came to not be served but to serve
-It is our job to find our spiritual gifts and use them accordingly
-Like an all-around house help, we do not hesitate nor do we choose the roles we play, we simply need to be told.

*based on Mark 10:32-45
by Ptr. Edu To

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