Wednesday, July 21, 2010

True Greatness

The world dictates that we must be first, and this was brought to the church by the disciples.
True greatness is not being in the top position, having tons of money, or being high in society. Instead, True Greatness is all about being a servant, being last than first, in His Kingdom.

There are 3 things we can do...
1. Change our mindset (v33-35)
- Let life not be defined by position, possessions, and power.
- Rather, let life be defined in service and ministry to God and others.

2. Not choose whom we want to serve (v36-37)
- We should not just serve family, friends or relatives.
- We shouldn't just serve the socially esteemed, the rich, or the celebrities.
- Instead, we should serve everyone, whether they can reciprocate or not.

3. Not look down on fellow servants (v38-40)
- Let us not look down on those who do not belong to our group
- Let us not look down on those who do "small" tasks

*based on Mark 9:30-40
by Rev. Alex Uy

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